Town of De Beque- Town Property Rental Form

The Community Center, Town Park or Gazebo may be reserved any day of the week. Please call the Town Hall during regular business hours to make reservations. Reservations need to be made in advance in order to insure availability. The Community Center, Town Park or Gazebo must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Groups will be held responsible for any damage to the room or equipment. The Town, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to revoke Community Center, Town Park or Gazebo privileges at any time and shall not be held liable for any injury that may result while on the premises.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: 1. All trash must be picked up and thrown into waste receptacles. The Group must empty receptacles into the Town's dumpster behind the Community Center. 2. All chairs, tables, and any equipment used, whether Town property or the Group's property, must be cleaned, picked up, put away or taken back when the Group has finished with their permitted event. Arrangements may be made prior to event for extended time. 3. The Group shall not mark upon, paint signs upon, cut, drill into, drive nails or screws into, or in any way deface the walls, ceilings, partitions or floors of the demised premises or of the building. Any defacement, damage or injury caused by the Group, its agents or employees, shall be paid for by the Group. 4. The Town reserves the right to make such other and further reasonable rules and regulations as in its judgement may, from time to time, be needful and desirable for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises and for the preservation of good order therein. 5. The Town is not responsible for theft or damages to Group's personal property for accidents or hazards that may occur. 6. The Group is responsible for its own property and casualty insurance for the event, and if insurance is available, the Group must provide a copy for Town records. Additional insurance may be required! 7. The Group must abide by all other rules and regulations as specified by the Town of De Beque's Municipal Code and any additional regulations as directed by the Town.
No Alcohol:$150.00 Alcohol:$300.00
Full Day: $250.00 Full Day (Kitchen): $125.00 Half Day: $100.00 Half Day (Kitchen): $50.00